If I want it bad enough…

I will go and do it! No more excuses…where have they gotten me so far?

I will not rely on anyone else but myself.  I won’t wait for other people to join me.

It’s my journey…

I can do it!!!


Just a little note to myself 🙂



Believe YOU CAN!

Suzi K’s body transformation
Suzi has always been beautiful, now she is also healthy & full of life!
This woman is 46 years YOUNG!!

First picture is when Suzi was larger, the middle & end pictures are after she lost weight. Stunning.

First picture is when Suzi was larger, the middle & end pictures are after she lost weight. Stunning.

Showing off her new body!

Showing off her new body!

Training hard at Fit As Fitness Training

Training hard at Fit As Fitness Training

May Specials & Offers

12 week challenge for NEW CLIENTS…


  1. 3 months of unlimited classes (Kickboxing/Muay Thai, Boxing, Boot Camp & Weights) $540

  2. 2 x Rebak Hydroxy Venom fatburners $100

  3. 8 x 30 minute Personal Training sessions $360

  4. Dietary advice

  5. Measure & weigh

                                                 Worth $1000.00                                Cost $650                             Save $350


May – Mother’s Day 2014 Offer

New & current clients can take up this fantastic offer!

If you purchase a gift voucher this Mother’s Day for either PT or classes, I will gift you the same for FREE. This way you and your mum can train together!

Crystal, owner of FAFT & her beautiful mum

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Negative or Positive – You Choose!

Don’t waste your precious time getting angry at yourself if you’re not seeing your fitness goals as quickly as you would like.


Anger = feelings of disgust, frustration & resentfulness

Anger = negative thoughts such as why bother, no-one cares, it’ll never happen & I’m useless

Anger = actions such as aggressive behaviour, coldness towards others, self-punishing & talking negatively about others

MOTIVATION & ACCEPTANCE that results can take time

= feelings of hopefulness, patience, gratitude & excitment

= thoughts of I cannot wait, this is fun, wow look at what results I am getting & I can do this

= actions such as getting up early in the morning to go for that run, leaving work excited for your PT session, running around with the kids on the weekend & wearing the bikini you have always wanted to.

If you have punished your body for many years, you won’t reverse the damage in 1 month. It does take time but it is worth it. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!