If I want it bad enough…

I will go and do it! No more excuses…where have they gotten me so far?

I will not rely on anyone else but myself.  I won’t wait for other people to join me.

It’s my journey…

I can do it!!!


Just a little note to myself 🙂



May Specials & Offers

12 week challenge for NEW CLIENTS…


  1. 3 months of unlimited classes (Kickboxing/Muay Thai, Boxing, Boot Camp & Weights) $540

  2. 2 x Rebak Hydroxy Venom fatburners $100

  3. 8 x 30 minute Personal Training sessions $360

  4. Dietary advice

  5. Measure & weigh

                                                 Worth $1000.00                                Cost $650                             Save $350


May – Mother’s Day 2014 Offer

New & current clients can take up this fantastic offer!

If you purchase a gift voucher this Mother’s Day for either PT or classes, I will gift you the same for FREE. This way you and your mum can train together!

Crystal, owner of FAFT & her beautiful mum

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Negative or Positive – You Choose!

Don’t waste your precious time getting angry at yourself if you’re not seeing your fitness goals as quickly as you would like.


Anger = feelings of disgust, frustration & resentfulness

Anger = negative thoughts such as why bother, no-one cares, it’ll never happen & I’m useless

Anger = actions such as aggressive behaviour, coldness towards others, self-punishing & talking negatively about others

MOTIVATION & ACCEPTANCE that results can take time

= feelings of hopefulness, patience, gratitude & excitment

= thoughts of I cannot wait, this is fun, wow look at what results I am getting & I can do this

= actions such as getting up early in the morning to go for that run, leaving work excited for your PT session, running around with the kids on the weekend & wearing the bikini you have always wanted to.

If you have punished your body for many years, you won’t reverse the damage in 1 month. It does take time but it is worth it. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!