I started training with Crystal about 2 years ago and within that time, Crystal has helped me get into shape and train for certain events.

One event being Open Zones Netball. In a short amount of time Crystal boosted my fitness levels in strength, cardio and agility. During the weekend of the Zones Competition I felt great! I did not think that I would have been fit enough to play about 3 full games, each day, over one very full on weekend.

The other event is me falling pregnant AND training the entire time. Yes it was tough (on many levels), but if I can get up at stupid o’clock twice a week and train before work and attend boot camp on Saturday mornings, it must not be that hard and the results were amazing, which means anyone can do it and its worth it.

Below are some pictures of me during my pregnancy, which you will notice that I did not put on much weight at all. I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant and I have only put on about 9.5kgs so far.

20 weeks

With only putting on baby weight, it has made me feel good about not gaining more weight which I would need to lose after bubs is born and also made it easy to continue with everyday tasks, such as picking up something off the floor, putting socks and shoes on… It may sound silly, but with a growing a big belly, these tasks get harder and harder to do.

1 week to go!


Rhiannan & Maddison

Rhiannan Laughton, 27 – New Mum



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