Is NOW the time?

Don’t delay, there will always be an excuse why you didn’t begin your healthy lifestyle. Today is the day!


Fluids ARE Just As Important As Food

5 simple tips

1. We all know this…drink plenty of water EVERYDAY

2. Milk drinks are important for calcium, vitamin D, potassium + more vitamins & minerals. Be smart in your choices though & chose the low fat option or try soy milk for something different.

3. Don’t skull your drink. Take time to sip your drink, avoiding chocking, the hiccups, brain freeze & other unpleasant consequences.

4. If you are thirsty, water is the way to go. Avoid drinks loaded with sugar. They don’t quench your thirst like water does & they are full of calories.

5. Water is generally cheaper than other drinks. Often it is for free. You can’t beat that!