Negative or Positive – You Choose!

Don’t waste your precious time getting angry at yourself if you’re not seeing your fitness goals as quickly as you would like.


Anger = feelings of disgust, frustration & resentfulness

Anger = negative thoughts such as why bother, no-one cares, it’ll never happen & I’m useless

Anger = actions such as aggressive behaviour, coldness towards others, self-punishing & talking negatively about others

MOTIVATION & ACCEPTANCE that results can take time

= feelings of hopefulness, patience, gratitude & excitment

= thoughts of I cannot wait, this is fun, wow look at what results I am getting & I can do this

= actions such as getting up early in the morning to go for that run, leaving work excited for your PT session, running around with the kids on the weekend & wearing the bikini you have always wanted to.

If you have punished your body for many years, you won’t reverse the damage in 1 month. It does take time but it is worth it. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!




Boots or Runners?

If you are about to begin an exercise program, make sure you have the correct shoes.

Wearing the appropriate foot wear when training can help to prevent ankle, knee & back injuries, as it reduces impact, gives stability & provides your  body with some support. If you play a few different sports, make sure your shoes cater to your needs. Footballers need different shoes to netball players for example.
Replace your shoes at least once a year. Make them your treat.

Need Fuel

Breakfast would have to be one of the most important meals of the day.
Think of it this way…you need to put fuel into your car for it to work, otherwise your car will break down.

Your body works the same as a car…you need to fuel your body so it does not breakdown.

Also if you put diesel in an unleaded car what happens?

Don’t put the wrong fuel in your body. Eat a nutritious breakfast everyday. It’s that simple.